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Magento is an open source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was built using the Zend Framework. The Magento ecommerce system has been widely adopted by online retailers, ranging from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses. A private company in US called Varien Inc. Originally developed the Magento Software. The first release of the software was made available in the year 2008 by Varien but in the later part a substantial amount of share of the company was sold to eBay and which finally ended up fully acquiring Varien. Since then Varien worked as a different division of eBay until it got totally separated from eBay in 2016 and spun as an independent Company Magento Inc., changing names with Varien.


Magento Story:

  • Evolution


    Magento began its journey when a student Roy Rubin founded a Private Company to earn some extra money to support his student life with no particular vision or work focus. The company which he named Varien Inc. was into all type of development work until the team realised the eCommerce platform they were working with had limited scope and features. The limitation of the then prevalent eCommerce platform OS Commerce made the team to think of a new framework for the ecommerce development. First they think of splitting OS Commerce but finally decide to develop a completely new framework and thus Varien Inc. ended up creating Magento. They did everything to promote Varien and their work and get noticed on the top of every search engines until they were noticed and got recognized as the most popular eCommerce software in the world. These days, Magento is used by almost all popular eCommerce sites one may think of and is the highest Googled keyword.

  • Magento Grew over Time

    Magento Grew over Time

    Magento development officially started in early 2007 and in the same year on 31st of August first public beta version of Magento was released. A year later the First general availability release of the software was made public by Varien. In 2010 Varien Inc. Changed its name to Magento Inc. and eBay purchased 49% share of Magento which was officially proclaimed in the next year 2011. Towards the middle of the year 2011 eBay announced that it would be fully acquiring Magento and Magento will be joining eBay’s new X.Commerce initiative. Magento continued to work under the guidance of its leaders Yoav Kutner and Roy Rubin till in 2012 Yoav Kutner left. Gradually Magento got separated from eBay as a separate independent Company backed by Permira funds till the end of the year 2015. Magento started as an Open Source eCommerce solution and till date have held on to its roots, providing open source software versions. Magento came in the popular distinct platforms namely, Magento Professional Edition and Magento Go followed by Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.

  • The Magento Advantage

    The Magento Advantage

    Anyone who has struggled to get their Business an online storefront would probably can tell that the integration and customization ability of any eCommerce software is no less than an acute headache, which can cost huge time and money yet will not be able to make the customer happy. Magento in this regard have provided a solution in both of its Community and Enterprise editions by incorporating huge number of Off the Shelf customization features made available through Magento Connect Store. Magento actually offers thousands of free and paid themes and extensions. The architecture of Magento is such designed to help it become a strong platform capable of conveying extraordinary contextual, personalized experience to the customers with comparatively more ease. Magento is not just popular for its superior functionalities. It has also been smart enough to encompass eCommerce solutions within a complete CMS which is compared constructively with the powerhouse CMS of Wordpress. All these features with many more supporting features have made Companies to develop their entire website using Magento.


    Few lines About Us

    We are one of the leading Magento Development companies in India. Our core team has more than 25 years of experience in the field of IT and software development and consists of IIT Alumnus and IIM associates. We have successfully worked and completed thousands of client projects and have added 1000+ loyal clients to our database. We take our pride on having been able to add competent and technically sound human resources that have mastered their field of work and know exactly how to customize the product as per client demand and market requirement. We are not only involved in client projects and software Development but also as our part of CSR activity, we are into training and development of IT Students without charging them for the same. Our experienced team focuses on overall development of the trainees by grooming them and preparing them industry ready in different development platforms.

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Lead Magento Users

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